FlowAnimate is a project I created in order to document my Webflow animation learnings. This is still very much a work in progress and currently designed for myself with a focus on providing inspiration and a space to learn animation. The design is built with Relume client first as a quick way to get my idea down and there is a light touch of branding to give it an an energetic and Webflow feel. Designed and built in one day.


Working at SIDELabs in the social impact sector often meant that projects had quite short deadlines, animation wasn't often considered too much. If an animation was implemented to a project it would be every 4 months or so. As a result I would forget the process of how an animation was made or I just wouldn't be getting enough practice - making it even harder to implement animations into a charity budget.


With a day dedicated to self development I decided I wanted to create a website which documents all the animations I do with a link to the guidance. This will enable me to keep a documentation of the progress I make in implanting animations in Webflow. I can't wait to fill up the site and start implementing these into clients projects.

Self initiated
Apr 2023
Designer and developer
This website is a work in progress and will be available for access soon

Tools used

Website build
UX & UI Design